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Fluorine resin diaphragm valve for 200°C

Fluorine resin diaphragm valve for fluid temperature of 200°C

The valve can be used under a severe environment such as semiconductor and LED manufacturing and on-site where a high level of cleanliness is required.


  • Good for fluid temperature of 200°C
  • A structure resistant to high temperature heat cycle

Automatic valve

  • The air supply port direction can be adjusted 360 degrees.
     ⇒Easy lay out of piping
  • The indicator (open/close indication) is equipped as standard.
     ⇒Easy to confirm the valve position

Manual valve

  • With LOTO function as standard(Lock-out Tag-out in consideration of safety aspects
     ⇒Prevents miss operation by human error
  • Adopt the step toggle operating system by which the opening can be set at 3 stages!
     ⇒Seek ease of use by addition of the function “fully open, intermediate opening (2 steps) and closed”

Application example

  • Supply and recovery of electrolyzed sulfuric acid in a resist separation process
  • Supply and recovery of high temperature phosphoric acid in a nitride film etching process
  • Cleaning and etching devices