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Dual center ring

Do you have any troubles related to replacement work and equipment maintenance costs due to heat hardening of O-ring and O-ring deterioration by corrosive or plasma gases?

The dual center ring is our newest concept centering ring with high sealing performance realized by utilizing the advantages of fluorine resin and fluorine rubber.


Double sealing by fluorine resin (PTFE) and fluorine rubber (FKM)

Primary sealing of gases by PTFE decreases the potential factors of corrosion of O-rings.

Fluorine resin (PTFE) ring prevents adhesion of product on the seal surface of flange.

Adhesion of the flange and center ring prevents attachment of product on the seal surface of flange, which makes maintenance easier.

Continuous use temperature is up to 260°C.

This product can be used also under high temperature.

The dual center ring can be installed using different pipe sizes without remodeling work.

  • Compatible with the standard piping coupling devices using a center ring.
    (NW-KF, NW-LF, ISO-K, ISO-KF, ISO-LF, ISO-MF, etc.)
  • Can be used for different pipe sizes.
    (Sizes other than NW16 – NW100 (pipes listed in the catalog) are also prepared.)
  • Can be used regardless of the structure of clamp.
    (Quick Clamp, Chain Clamp, Single Claw Clamp, Double Claw clamp, bolt fastening)

Durability is improved by using SUS as support material (only dual (center ring)

SUS is used as support material, and it can be used under high vacuum.

Triple center ring can be used if used under ordinary pressure.

PFA+FKM rubber is used. Use is recommended under ordinary pressure.

Usable range

The center ring can be used as seal material in clamp piping installation to connect vacuum exhaust lines of manufacturing equipment for semiconductors, FPDs and LEDs.

Specifications For details, contact us.

NEW type
Size: 16A,25A,40A,50A,80A,100A,160A,125A
Material: SUS, Fluorine resin, Heat-resistant fluorine rubber
Usable location: Under reduced pressure

Triple type
Size: 25A,40A,50A
Material: Fluorine resin, Heat-resistant fluoride rubber
Usable location: Under ordinary pressure / slight pressure