Cautions in selection and use of products

Cautions in selection and use of products

When ordering and using our products, please be aware of and consent to the following matters. For a copy of “General Product Catalog” cited in the text below, contact our sales office nearest you. Also, since descriptions in the catalog are subject to change without notice, always make sure to check the latest version.

1. Cautions in selection of products


For selection of products described in the “General Product Catalog,” confirm the range of use stipulated based on public standards, specifications and our standards. Contact us for unknown specifications, performance, etc. Select the appropriate products after checking product specifications and use conditions, including fluid, temperature and pressure.


When our products are to be used in an environment subject to statutory regulations or when specifications for use, etc., are defined in standards or provisions arbitrarily established in business locations, etc., where our products are to be installed, select the appropriate products after checking the regulations, standards, and provisions.


When our products are to be used for nuclear power, aircraft, wheeled vehicles, medical devices, food manufacturing equipment, safety devices, etc., make sure to confirm with your local KITZ SCT Representative and/or sales office in advance, and then take necessary safety measures at your own responsibility.


When exporting our products, the parties involved in the export should obtain an export permit from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry based on the provisions of “the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act,” “Export Trade Control Order” and other relevant laws and regulations. If you have any questions, contact us in advance.

2. Cautions in use of products


For safe use of our products, make sure to implement periodic inspections, appropriate servicing, maintenance and replacement in consideration of the terms and conditions of our products concerned as well as facilities/equipment in which our products are installed, including use conditions, environment, fluid, and duration of use.


We do not set an expiration date for our products as the product’s expiration date depends on the implementation status of the terms and conditions defined in 2-1 above, and inspection, servicing, etc.


For periodic inspection, appropriate servicing, maintenance, and replacement of our products, make sure to order the “instruction manuals” of the products concerned, thoroughly confirm the items of “Warning” and “Caution” described therein, and then implement correctly and safely. Contact us for any questions.

3. About warranty of products


Warranty period
The warranty period of the product is 1 year after delivery. For product failures delivered by us attributed to any event not meeting the delivery specification within the warranty period, the product shall be replaced or repair shall be made free of charge.


Warranty scope
The warranty scope is limited to the delivered products which have been manufactured in our manufacturing factory.
For example, compensation for loss or damage due to failure of data collection or production stop by failure of the delivered products shall not be covered by this warranty. In addition, user shall assume responsibility for safety management associated with use of the delivered products and peripheral equipment.

Any failure falling under any of the following conditions shall not be covered by the warranty even within the warranty period.

  1. Failure caused by replacement (maintenance) of parts for delivered product by any person other than our staff
  2. Failure caused by natural disaster or unavoidable occurrence
  3. Failure caused by improper handling or disregard of necessary caution for handling
  4. Failure caused by use or storage under improper environment
  5. Failure caused by use beyond design specification condition, remodeling of the delivered product or use for any other purpose than the predetermined purpose
  6. Failure or corrosion caused by external factor and corrosive fluid
  7. Failure and damage caused by unforeseeable circumstances and/or reason even with the conventional technical standard at the time of shipment of our product
  8. In other cases that the problem is judged as outside our company’s responsibility