KITZ SCT’s Manufacturing

Commitment to quality

Manufacturing supported by “KICS”

KITZ Group’s manufacturing is based on delivering customer-required products at a “lower price with better quality, in the necessary quantity as needed.” What supports manufacturing under such a concept is the innovative production system “KICS” (KITZ Innovative and Challenging System).

KICS enables cost reductions and shorter delivery times with thorough elimination of stagnation and waste within a series of processes: from order receiving, production, to on-time delivery, by making products one by one following the strict process sequence in accordance with the timing required.

This idea of “KICS” is also taken in KITZ SCT’s manufacturing system, aiming at just-in-time delivery of products to customers.

Quality assurance system in manufacturing

KITZ SCT is ISO 9001 certified at all domestic and overseas production bases (Nitta SC Factory and Kunshan Factory in China). Domestically, the Nitta SC Factory is minister-accredited as a tester based on the High Pressure Gas Safety Act. In this way, we have established a quality assurance system based on ISO 9000, by which all departments operate and comply with throughout the manufacturing process.

Production network realizing high quality and low cost

We are directing energies into the production system to deliver products that can satisfy our customers’ requirements for quality, delivery time, and service. The Nitta SC Factory in Japan is a development base, serving as a central part in the production of high-value added products, and also serving as a driver of the Kunshan Factory in China, which started production in 2004.

Furthermore, KITZ SCT is also committed to BCP (Business Continuity Plan) so that countermeasures can be taken against risks, such as large-scale disasters and unforeseen circumstances. The Kunshan Factory in China operates as a key part of our BCP in order to deliver products to our customers to the maximum extent possible. Also, the facility and manufacturing lines are equivalent to the Nitta SC Factory.

They were installed in the Kunshan Factory in China in order to provide our customers with high-quality products, as produced at the Nitta SC Factory. General-purpose products are mainly produced after implementation of the total production system including not only facilities but also processes. In the inspection process, qualified inspectors carry out inspections so as to ship only high-quality products exactly like the Nitta SC Japan Factory.

  • Nitta SC Factory

  • Kunshan Factory in China

Quality stability realized by our total manufacturing system

The KITZ Group considers total manufacturing as fundamental, and KITZ SCT performs material receiving, completion inspection, through to shipment in-house. In particular, the polishing process including electro-polishing is positioned as our core technology, and our own polishing facilities are designed in-house to establish a quality system and realize diversified production of small volume products under an integrated system.

KITZ SCT’s quality structure

Existing and new technologies are reflected in products from the development and design stage.

Also, such technologies are reflected in production process. By doing so, we realize high efficiency in manufacturing and also high consistency in quality.

We also work on fine-tuning and improving our processes on a day-to-day basis by gathering quality information from the market and our customers in order to improve overall quality.