About Us

Company information

Company name in Japanese 株式会社キッツエスシーティー
Company name in English KITZ SCT CORPORATION
Trademark KITZ SCT
Headquarters 1-5-1 Omori-Kita, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Established May 1982
Capital 300 million yen
Accounting period December
Representative Mitsuo Kasahara, President
Number of employees 296(As of March 31,2020)
Business line
  • Development, manufacturing, and sales of piping products, fluid control components, gas panels, and units for semiconductor manufacturing equipment and peripheral devices
  • Development, production, and sales of units for various ultrahigh purity fluids
  • All businesses incidental to each item above
Permission and authorization
  • ISO 9001 certified (Nitta SC Factory and Headquarters)
  • ISO 14001 certified (Nitta SC Factory)
  • Accredited for high-pressure gas (N-valves, N-II fittings, M-pipes, Z-complex devices)
  • Accredited for high-pressure gas production