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1984 – 2000

1984 July Benkan Corporation started research and development of UHP valves (SCV) and fittings (SCF) for semiconductor manufacturing processes.
1989 July Built an SC (Super Clean) Factory equipped with a class 100 clean room for mass production of products.
1992 September Established BENKAN-UCT as an affiliated semiconductor sector parent company of BENKAN Corporation.
1995 April Accredited for manufacturing of high-pressure gas (N-valves and N-II fittings).
1997 November Received ISO 9001 certification.
1998 October Installed a new 0.1μm Class 1 clean room.
1999 January Expanded the high-pressure gas accreditation range (M-pipes and Z-complex devices).

2001 – 2015

2001 November Started as KITZ SCT Corporation as a successor to (former) BENKAN Group’s semiconductor related business.
  December Established KITZ SCT AMERICA CORPORATION as a sales base in the U.S.
2002 January Opened a representative office in Taiwan.
2004 January Established KITZ SCT Corporation of Kunshan as a production base in China, and started production in November of the same year.
2007 March Received ISO 14001 certification.
2008 January Started production of products compliant with the environmental RoHS Directive.
2013 April Installed solar panels at the SC Factory in Gunma Prefecture Japan.
2017 June Estrablished Nitta SC factory Annex B
  March Expanded Nitta SC factory Annex B
2019 April Opened Chukyo branch office

* For products, see the chronological table of development.