Other products

Other products

high pressure valve series for hydrogen station

This hydrogen valve series, developed by KITZ, is less susceptible to the influence of fluid temperatures, offers excellent sealing performance and durability. It is manufactured at our Nitta SC Factory in Japan. Click here for details. (KITZ-developed product)

Heat exchanger

Secures a temperature rise rate of 90% or more by unique structure (patent pending). Product lineup offers four types at a flow rate of 1 – 400L/min and an operating temperature of up to 400°C. The wetted part is available in SUS316L metal type and PTFE metal-free type. Contact us for details. (Manufactured by Shikoku Instrumentation Co., Ltd.)


We offer a wide selection of double ferrule compression tube fitting for semiconductors, FPDs, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, and at many other manufacturing sites. Contact us for details. (Manufactured by Q-Lok)

Dual centering rings

Used as sealing materials with the vacuum clamps that connect vacuum exhaust lines of semiconductors, FPDs, LED manufacturing equipment, etc. Contact us for details. (Manufactured by Narin Tech)