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L-type Hot Bellows Valve

Our new L-Type Hot Bellows Valve allows internal heating by implementing a spiral shaped heating unit. This new design minimizes cold spots to achieve minimal deposition of by-products inside of the valve.


  • This new design dramatically reduces residual deposits, thus maximizing the time between each maintenance is required.
  • You are able to adjust temperature of internal and external heater independently.
  • Simultaneous heating of both internal and external is possible, while valve is in open or closed position.
  • This valve is most suitable for Metal-Etching, CVD, and ALD processes.
  • Compatible with ISO-KF, JIS-VF, ISO-MF, Conflat Rotational flanges.
  • You are able to attach connector to the heater and the thermocouple.

Main Spec

Maximum Temprature Controller setting 180℃
Temperature control system Temperature regulated by heater controller with K-type thermocouples
Pressure 1x10-6 to 2x105Pa(abs.) [0.1MPa]
Standard materials Body: SUS304
Bellows: SUS316L
Actuator: A6063
O-ring: FKM
*Please contact us to request other materials
Actuation Pressure 0.4~0.7MPa(G)
Inspection leak quantity Internal Leak Rate: 1x10-10Pa・m3/sec or less
External Leak Rate: 1x10-10Pa・m3/sec or less
Voltage AC100V

Soft Exhaust Option

  • Slow exhaust line and main valve was integrated by design to minimize space and clearance, and to achieve cost reduction.
  • Heating of the bypass valve is possible simultaneously with the body heater.
  • Bypass line has options for either fixed-volume type or flexible-volume type.