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Heat Exchanger EX series

Highly-efficient heat exchanger with our own newly-developed structure.
Accurate control of fluid temperature improve quality, productivity and maintainability.
The heat exchanger can be used in the semiconductor, chemistry and food industries because of its cleanness and corrosion resistance.
(manufactured by Shikoku Instrumentation Co., Ltd.)


High performance with heating rate of 90% or higher

qualities achiever via synergy of high heat conduction material enclosing method and zigzag structure(* patent pending): Highest-leverl heating rate with 90% or higher heating rate (*1) in all ranges with gas flow of 1 to 500 L/min and temperature setting of room temperature +10 to 500°C.
*1. Heating rate = Outlet temperature of 30 minutes after the start of fluid heating / Set temperature × 100.

Supremely low pressure loss

Pressure loss in fluid passage is suppressed to the minimum, and TJC(Through Jet Course) structure is adopted which maximizes turbulent flow generation. 0.12 Mpa at 300 L/min(EX-300M)

Clean & corrosion resistant

SUS316L is adopted to fluid contacting areas, and electropolishing(SEP) is provided as option, offering high cleanliness and high corrosion resistane.

For wide range of use

Product lineup includes 4 types ranging from EX-010M (1 L/min to 10L/min, 400°C) through EX-300M (300 L/min, 300°C).

Conpact & power saving

Realization of high thermal efficiency has enables size reduction of body block to 50mm × 50mm (EX-010M).


Depends on the flow rates, we will offer the most appropriate product from the lineup.

Examples of usage

The heat exchanger can be used for:
- Measures against deposits and corrosion
- Gas line purge
- Bake-out in a vacuum chamber
- Reduction in drying time in a cleaning process
- Carrier gas and others that are low vapor pressure sources such as ferroelectric materials,
of exhaust piping (CVD, ETCH, etc.)